Websites designed to support your brand and be just as beautiful no matter the device.

My Power Network Portfolio Example

The client was in the market for a big upgrade to their existing website. In the middle of a re-brand, they needed to come across with a strong visual presence. I put together a desktop and mobile friendly, simple and clear website that organized their content and made it clear to their clients what they do and how to contact them.

Stega Website Portfolio Example

The client had put together a few different templates in an attempt to refresh and update their existing website. After it wasn’t quite what they were looking for I was brought in to start from scratch and re-layout the web design, create custom icons, and refine the content to what they were looking for.


Otherside Tattoo needed a new website and online home base that represented the vintage classic quality of their artists and to help them bring in the right kind of client. Using their own art as a design base, the site is simple and visual. Making sure that booking is easy and the art is what stands out.